Regular Service Times

We welcome you to join us for one of our regularly scheduled services. Our schedule of services is: Sundays 8:00 am Holy Communion 10:30 am Holy Communion (Choral Matins second…

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Sounds of Scotland

FEATURING THE BEST IN SCOTTISH MUSIC AND DANCE Join us for an unforgettable night of bagpiping, drumming and dancing as we celebrate our Scottish heritage in style. At the Sounds…

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Beloved: Our Youth Group and the Song of Solomon

sea of galilee

…my brain thought: “I’ve got no clue how to teach Song of Solomon to a group of kids who are either (a) full of raging hormones or (b) completely repulsed at the concept of love and romance.” And I wasn’t necessarily reassured with the information I found on the internet. And, yes, I checked, and Tim Keller hasn’t written anything about Song of Solomon that I could find. If you’ve never read this book before (as I had not), Song of Solomon or Song of Songs is a short song or poem about “a dude and girl getting together” (to quote one of our kids). While certainly true, the book is about much more, for at its core the writer talks about true love in which the bride and the bridegroom become one and are willing to sacrifice for one another.