A Report from Our Missions Committee

missionA guest column by our Missions Committee: As Christians, we know that two of our primary obligations are to spread the Word of God and to do what we can to address the needs of others — especially those who are unable to fulfill their needs on their own. This missionary work should be a central undertaking at St. Thomas’ and it should also be something we do together, a means of binding and enriching our community of faith. In past years, St. Thomas’ has generously funded a number of charities and outreach programs. These efforts have ranged from feeding and providing for the needs of the Seafarers to our work with the Christian Community Service Center (CCSC).

We are all aware that we are called to dedicate portions of our time, talent, and treasure to Christian service. Although parishioners at St. Thomas’ have always been generous in all three of those categories, I have often felt that we have been more giving of our treasure than our time and talent when it comes to needs off of the church campus. Thus, the Missions committee of this year’s Vestry (Dr. Jon Kurie and I) have been exploring the church’s options for mission work, hoping to find a way to invigorate the St. Thomas’ community at large in the actual work of sharing the Gospel and helping the community. On a field visit to CCSC, Dr. Kurie and I were quite impressed by the variety of services that they provide to the public: they have a food bank, they provide clothes to the homeless, they give glasses to those who cannot afford them, they give school supplies (and gifts at Christmas) to needy children, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Missions committee is considering expanded the scope of St. Thomas’ involvement with CCSC, but we are also eager to hear from you: Do you have ideas about where the church could direct our missions work? Do you have a plan for developing broader involvement from our parishioners? As you think and pray about how St. Thomas can begin this work, please email missions@ste.church and let us know what you have in mind! Happy autumn,

Adam Ellwanger