A True Home

Crying Boy being comforted by his father

As our children grow, it is easy to see how important it is for them to have a nurturing and loving home. The world outside will teach them about how unfair and painful life can be. For a child to be able to go home after an episode of bullying and teasing and find a loving family…well, that is worth more than anything in the world.

Of course, we as parents are never perfect. We lose our tempers, neglect to see important things, get preoccupied, and many other things. It does not make us any less loving…just members of the human race. In our love, though, we reflect the nature of a Greater Love…a More Perfect Love. That is the agape love of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is our True Home.

Our children are involved in so many activities-competitive and cerebral. In all of these activities, the sharp edge of the world will show itself to our children eventually. It is a world where they are defined by their ability or their intelligence. It is a necessary place for our children to be; these activities are good for their development. They prepare them for the world we live in-to function in a world with a sharp edge.

Children’s Christian Education is not just another activity. As I said last week, the truth claims of Christianity define history for us. They define history for everyone. They tell us of hope: the present hope of a world to come and the present assurance of the forgiveness of sins. In learning about Christ, we are giving our children the True Home-a True Home they can go to now when the sharp edge of the world gets to be too much and a True Home they can go to when they are grown and we are long gone. This is what I want so much for our children here at St. Thomas’. I want them to understand that a Loving God who poured Himself out for us defines history. I want them to understand that they have a True Home to which they can return all of their lives.