About Catechesis

My older sons and I have been having some terrific conversations – really substantive – about God. How is this so? How can there be such a mutually edifying discussion about a subject that can be so fraught with uncertainty, a lack of confidence, and a lack of interest? These conversations can occur if they are guided by people who have really thought these things through and created resources with us in mind. Something like this happens to exist. It is called the New City Catechism. We are blessed to have this resource and we use it extensively at St. Thomas’ with our children.

New City Catechism

What is the New City Catechism? Indeed, what is a catechism? Catechesis is the ancient practice of using call and response (question and answer) to form people in the Christian Faith. A catechism is a collection of those questions and answers. The New City Catechism is the updated combination of a couple of well-known catechisms of the Reformation Era, in particular The Heidelberg Catechism that was used in 16th Century Germany. Historically, catechesis was used in forming children in the Faith but it has also been used in forming adults. What better way for everyone to learn the Christian Faith than to go through the New City Catechism either with your children, youth, spouse – or even by yourself!

With this in mind, we will publish the New City Catechism’s Question and Answer of the week (there are 52 questions and answers in the New City Catechism – one for each week of the year), along with a video of an accomplished theologian or pastor explaining the material. It’s perfect! I hope you use it during the week and deepen your understanding of the Lord.

May God bless you and the wonderful conversations you will have thanks to this wonderful resource!

View this week’s Catechism Question.