The Rev'd David Browder

The Rev’d David Browder, Rector

In a Houston neighborhood across from a busy shopping center and near a well-traveled freeway is an Episcopal parish — St. Thomas’ — devoted to the service of God and to the spiritual growth and nourishment of His children in consonance with the traditions of Anglican Christianity — a Way of being a Christian that is both Catholic and Reformed.

Here is a local church that has not abandoned her roots — roots that stretch through 2,000 years of history to the time of Jesus Christ and back further to the ancient of days. Her teaching is rooted firmly in the rock of holy scripture, her worship uses the great historic liturgies and music of the Anglican churches, eschewing the mundane and trendy, and her service extends into the community of which she is a part, while sharing the love of God that is her heritage with the people of today.

Because people come to St. Thomas’ from many backgrounds, the parish offers different points of entry into her life and work. For the committed Christian, there are ample opportunities for praise, worship and study. For the person seeking to learn about Jesus Christ there are inquirers’ classes and Christian education. The lonely or weary have many opportunities for fellowship and service. Throughout the week we welcome individuals or groups to quiet prayer and contemplation.

We invite you to join us as we worship, pray, teach and learn, and give service to God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit!