Altar Guild Commissioning Service Sunday, April 21

Altar at Easter 2013

On Sunday, April 21, at the 10:30 service, we will acknowledge those who serve on the Altar Guild.

We also honor those who have served as Directors of our Altar Guild in the past. What this dedicated group does is critical to our shared life of faith at St. Thomas. For any service held here, members of the Altar Guild see that everything needed is set up so that our worship may be done ‘decently and in good order.’ They secure the supplies needed for each service, they trim candle wicks and fill the candles with wax. They provide clean linen for the altar. They make sure bread and wine are available when we celebrate Holy Communion, and, after our services, they rearrange the altar flowers and take them to those who are in hospitals or are home-bound. Too often we forget their labors of faith and love. This Commissioning Service is our way of giving them thanks for their hard work.

We are honored to have Joan Konecny join us for this Commissioning.  Joan, a parishioner at St. Andrew’s in Bryan, is also the head of our Diocesan Altar Guild and a Vice President of the National Altar Guild for the whole Episcopal Church. In that capacity, Joan has worked to see that all the worship services during the triennial meetings of the Church are provided with all that is needed. In the Diocese, Joan sees to it that any Diocesan worship service (such as the Eucharist at Diocesan Council and the ordinations of deacons) are equally well supplied. We welcome Joan to St. Thomas, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the members of our own Altar Guild. Past directors being honored include Eileen Spisak and Anne-Catherine Bex-Seals. The current director is Pam Copeland, and member include Kay Bowers, Helena Finley, Cettina Halsey, Connie McKenzie, Rebecca Rose, Christie Bowden, Tereasa Shaw, Barbara West, Mary Taylor, Kathy Todd, Catherine Peddie, Donalee Cushman, Barbara McCarthy, Betsy Miller, Faye Tan, Lauren Massey, Amy Ernest, and Nancy Graves.