An Invitation from David Browder!

We are about to have a really good time — I mean a REALLY good time. Some of your most dedicated brothers and sisters in Christ have been working very hard to put together our Boots and Bling Western Shindig! There will be music, dancing, craft beer, fajitas, wine — and even a mechanical bull. There will be cowboy hats, boots, buckles — and Kari and I are even willing to learn the Texas Two-Step from some of you gents and gals.

It is also for a very good cause. I have been asked why we are raising money for the Christian Community Service Center (CCSC) instead of our own building projects. It’s actually our experience with the flood and our restoration that drives it. As soon as the flood receded, funds came pouring in from all over the world — everywhere from Taiwan to Washington D.C. to our neighbors in Houston. Many of these donations were given sacrificially. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Lowndesboro, Alabama — a very small church — gave a substantial amount that touched me deeply.

All of this is to say that, when we were down, so many people came to our aid when they didn’t have to — when they had their own problems and issues. There are people all across our area who are down. The oil prices, the flood, personal circumstances. We can help them just as we were helped in our time of need — as Our Lord has asked us to do. We can do that through CCSC and we can have a good time doing it.

Saturday, we are going to have a great time. We are going to be with people we know and love — people with whom we have shared a profound experience of sorrow, uncertainty, purpose, and success. We are going to help some people along the way — the same way we were helped by people we might never meet. So, shine your boots and polish your buckle! Buy your tickets and bring a friend. We’re going to have fun and, best of all, help some folks.

See you Saturday!