Bishop Doyle Visits St. Thomas’ for Confirmation

browder and confirmands

The Rev’d David Browder and St. Thomas’ 2014 Confirmands

On Sunday Evening, March 16th, the IX Bishop of Texas, the Rt. Rev’d Andy Doyle, visited St. Thomas’ for Confirmation and Reception and to celebrate Holy Communion with the parish. As he does each time he visits the parish, Bp Doyle met with the Rector and parish leadership to share his thoughts and to learn about the things happening at St. Thomas’.

Confirmation in the Episcopal Church is “a mature and public affirmation of faith”, in which a Bishop of the church lays hands on and prays for someone who has already been baptized. Reception is for people coming into the Episcopal Church from other Christian denominations: the Bishop receives them as members of the Episcopal Church.

conf-doyle-2014As Bishop Doyle sat in the Bishop’s chair in front on the congregation, St. Thomas’ Rector, the Rev’d David Browder, called each confirmand forward to kneel before the Bishop, who then laid his hands on the confirmand’s head and prayed: “Defend, O Lord, this thy Child with thy heavenly grace, that he [or she] may continue thine forever; and daily increase in thy Holy Spirit more and more, until he [or she] come unto thy everlasting kingdom.”

Following confirmation, the Bishop preached the sermon and celebrated the Holy Communion, and the Confirmands made their first Communions.

Immediately after the service, there was a reception for the Bishop and this year’s Confirmands.

Confirmed at the service were: Mae-Catherine Jian Bogran, Chloe Grace Cox, Patrick Charles Crossman, Jackson Lee Herrscher, Susanna Lee McIntyre, Emily Claire Philippovic, Greyson Maxwell Philippovic, and Kris Allen Weeks. Received was Catherine Lea Weeks.