Campus and Construction Update

Much is happening behind the scenes at STE. With the help of industry experts and volunteers alike, we continue to move closer to making our new and improved campus a reality. Below is an update on demolition and campus plans. Additional information for school parents regarding student safety, traffic, and parking for the new year will be shared prior to the start of school on August 21.


Saint Thomas

Demolition of our flood-damaged buildings is well under way. Throughout the months of June and July, our commercial plumbing company, Gowan, has been preparing the demolition site by redirecting the underground sewer and water lines. This work was needed to ensure continued water service for the remainder of the campus. With this work now complete, Arrow Services will begin the physical removal of the buildings. This work will now begin on Friday, August 9 and will be ongoing for several weeks.

Although we anticipate much of the demolition to be complete prior to school starting, we have put into place the following safety plans during demolition. This will be especially important to our church families, faculty, and staff, all of whom will be on campus regularly over the next few weeks.

  • Alley Closure – The alley is closed for parking and driving until further notice.
  • Parking – Curbside parking along Jackwood will be limited. Please continue to use the two temporary parking lots across Endicott, located behind Meyerland Plaza. Curbside parking along Endicott will remain available until August 21, when parking will be limited during school hours.
  • Demolition Site Noise & Dust – Additional noise and dust can be expected as part of demolition. Noise will be restricted to daytime hours and will include sounds from heavy machinery and trucks. Dust control methods will also be utilized. This will include spraying the demolition site with water to keep dust to a minimum.

We will share additional sitework safety information prior to the start of construction.


We are very close to a final resolution with FEMA regarding our Hurricane Harvey grant. With continued supervision from our FEMA consultant, Rick Patterson with DCMC Partners, we estimate that our FEMA funding will be finalized by November 1, 2019. The FEMA grant is an important part of the funding needed to complete construction of our new and improved campus.


Under the management of our lead architect, Jim Powell with Merriman Holt Powell Architects (MHP), we anticipate having our building permits complete by the end of August. We are currently waiting on our parking permit, which involves requesting a parking variance from the City of Houston. Signs about this variance request have been posted around campus.

For now, we continue to anticipate that our new academic building will be complete in the winter or early spring of 2021. The church renovations will begin at the same time as construction and we now aim to have all work complete in the spring or early summer of 2020. As always, the final construction timeline is contingent on permitting and funding being finalized.

We will share a more complete timeline once permits and funding are finalized.