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Online Worship: God is Present

restored pulpit

As Covid-19 pandemic continues, we find ourselves doing things in much different ways than we are used to. However, the way we are doing worship is not unprecedented. Far from it. Of course, having our services exclusively online is new, but having Morning Prayer as the principal service on Sunday mornings was actually the norm…

A Light in the Fog

light in fog

There was a period of time in my life that I was very interested in studying Civil War history — its battles in particular. I would look at the story of a battle and wonder why General X didn’t do “y” instead of “z”. Aside from being young (not to mention unsophisticated in military strategy…

An Address from the Rector

We are facing something most of us have never faced before. We are prepared for this as Christians, though. We are prepared to hope in Christ and love our neighbors.

In this address to the church, I speak about what this means and how we can do it.

Your staff is praying for you! We love you!

Online Services: Sunday Morning and Saturday Evening

Sunday Morning Live Stream of Service at 9 am, Sunday, 3/15 Dear Saint Thomas’ Family, Sunday Livestream: We are presently working on getting livestream capabilities at the church. Thanks to Stephen Gonzalez, we have the WiFi infrastructure. We’ll be doing this at 9 am via Facebook Live on the Saint Thomas’ Facebook Page. We’ll do Ante-Communion and Sermon, with…

Update: Sunday Services Moved Online

corona virus

Dear St. Thomas’ Family, These are very unusual times. Most of us alive today have not experienced what we are now experiencing with the coronavirus. The virus is easily transmitted, especially among large groups. This is why you are seeing large gatherings canceled. Officials are trying to take away opportunities for the virus to spread…

Update: STE and Corona Virus

corona virus

We plan to hold our regularly scheduled Church services this Sunday, March 15. Instead of Holy Communion, we will have Morning Prayer at both morning services. Saint Thomas’ School will be closed from today, March 11 through Tuesday, March 24, out of an abundance of caution, after an STE student’s sibling at another school had…

Unusual Times and the Corona Virus

corona virus

We find ourselves in very unusual times. Although we all knew a local disease like coronavirus could spread world-wide due to our global infrastructure, we have now seen it happen. While this teaches us of our limited ability to control our environment, it can also teach us a great many other things. We believe that…

Quinquagesima Excitement!

by David Browder, Rector We have a very exciting week in store for everyone! On Saturday we will host our Parish Potluck and Crawfish Boil at the home of Rob Scholl (more information). It will be a wonderful time with food, fun, and a bounce house for the kids. Potlucks and fellowship are some of…

Candlemas: Candles and Worship for Families

Have you ever heard of Candlemas? Perhaps the name is vaguely familiar but you can’t quite place its meaning. You’re not alone! You’re in the majority even among Anglicans! Candlemas is an old name for the feast our prayer book calls The Presentation of Christ in the Temple, commonly called The Purification of Saint Mary…

Report on the Vision Summit

vision summit

Last Saturday, 43 members of the parish met with Stephanie Caro, our Ministry Architects consultant, to think about our mission, values and ministries. We engaged in a number of exercises designed to surface the attributes and traits that, in the opinions of our parish, make Saint Thomas’ a distinctive and important place. We also spent…