Church Reconstruction Update

church restoration

We have changed the planned start date for church reconstruction to June 1, 2019 (we originally planned to begin November 1, 2018) We made this change after consultation with our architects, MHP, and our builders, Tellepsen. As our plans developed over the summer MHP and Tellepsen determined that we could achieve significant cost reduction in the church project by scheduling church reconstruction to coincide with the beginning of construction on the new classroom and office building.

We also continue to work with FEMA; the initial assessment for FEMA assistance with repair and renovation of the church was much lower than we anticipated, and we continue to work through this, assisted by our FEMA consultant, DCMC partners.

We continue to work through the building plans with MHP and Tellepsen, looking for ways to accomplish our goals for the church building at the lowest cost. Those goals are:

  1. enhance the beauty and sense of sacredness of our church while emphasizing Word and Sacrament;
  2. update the facilities to provide greater accessibility and a sense of welcome to all who enter;
  3. provide greater flexibility to reconfigure parts of the building as needed for its various uses by church and school;
  4. replace finishes and fixtures in vulnerable portions of the building with finishes and fixtures that are resistant to water damage.

Of course, we all want our church restored as soon as possible; we believe that planning reconstruction to start at the same time as new building construction is the correct decision.

We currently expect reconstruction to be complete by Christmas, 2019.