Church Restoration and Master Plan Update

Work proceeds apace on both our Church restoration and master plan work.

The master plan itself is complete; the school produced this video (which includes a view of a covered drop-off for the church from Endicott and of the planned church interior renovation):

A fact sheet with 3-D renderings can be viewed here.

church restorationThe church restoration committee expects to receive initial cost estimates for the restoration from our architect Merriman Holt Powell (MHP) next week. We’ve had a number of different experts help us with the process, including structural engineers to make sure the building was sound and acoustical experts to help us develop a plan to improve speech intelligibility in the church. Our new pew chairs, with kneelers and book racks, should be delivered the week of May 20.

The Church and School continue to work with FEMA on reimbursement for our flood damage. We have an excellent consultant guiding us through the FEMA process, helping us ensure we receive all the funds for which we are eligible. The representatives of FEMA itself have been very helpful, as well. With our school’s temporary campus complete we hope to finalize the bulk of that portion of our FEMA funding in the next month or so, barring any unforeseen developments.

In early May, we expect to receive the results of the capital campaign feasibility study from Wendy Ruiz, our great capital campaign consultant, and the vestry and school board, together with our architects, will then map out what will be included in Phase 1.

We plan to begin demolition of the old elementary building (A-B), the Scottish Arts building (H), and the C, D and E hallways the week after school is out at the end of May. We expect fencing to go up around those buildings in preparation for the demolition in the next few weeks. The outdoor corridor that is adjacent to those buildings is included in the demolition, so when the fencing goes up, that entrance to the campus will be closed, as well.

As a result of the planned demolitions, the school has elected not to offer its Radiant Summer program; however, we will still have VBS July 17-20 (Register Here Now!), and the school will have a few week-long activities, such as the Balmoral Scottish program and our summer theater program.

As our plans develop, we’ll work to keep you posted; if you have questions or concerns, please let us know — it’s a big process, there’s lots going on with many hands and brains contributing, so it can be challenging to keep up with everything. Thanks for your prayers, your help and your support as we work to spread the gospel of Jesus in Southwest Houston!