Church This Sunday: Post Hurricane

Church This Sunday

  • We will hold one service of Holy Communion this Sunday, September 3rd, at 10:30 am.

  • We invite everyone in our church, school, and community families.

  • Due to flood damage to the interior of the church, the service will be held outside in front of the main church doors.

  • Come as you are!

We will give thanks to God for deliverance from the terrible floods which have devastated our community and praise Him for the many people from our church, school, and community who have given and are giving of themselves in heroic acts of service.

There will be no 8 am service or Evening Prayer this Sunday. Our Nursery for 2 year olds and under will be open, but we will have no Sunday School or Children’s Church; we’ll all gather together for this service.

From Our Headmaster

Dear STE Community,

This is day two of our entry back onto the campus. Today the faculty returned. It was a somber morning as your children’s teachers saw their classrooms for the first time since the flood. There were tears, many of them, but they generated an inspired determination to not let this disaster keep us from doing what we love – teaching your children.

The flood waters have destroyed classrooms, books, and teaching aids. But what they have not destroyed is our teachers’ and administrators’ commitment to getting our students back to school as soon as possible. I’ll be honest, the task has been daunting, but the way forward becomes clearer every day.
I know many of you are anxious to know when we will hold classes again. Thankfully, our Preschool facilities were spared from any flood damage and will be reopening Tuesday, September 5.

For K-Bridge through 12th grade, we have secured twelve temporary buildings (24 classrooms) and developed a plan for holding classes until these buildings are in place and ready to occupy. We will give you a return to school start date and what our initial plan is by the end of the week. Know that our priority is getting your children back into our useable classrooms as soon as it is safe so that they can return to a sense of routine and normalcy.

We are making progress with our recovery efforts. The main reason the faculty came to campus today was to determine which of their classroom items could be saved and what has been destroyed. They began making a pile of the salvageable items and cataloguing them for FEMA and our insurance adjuster. A FEMA representative is visiting campus tomorrow to assess our needs. We are also waiting to meet with our insurance adjuster, who we hope will visit us tomorrow as well.

Once the insurance adjuster does his work and the trash dumpsters arrive, I will be thrilled to accept your many gracious offers to come to the campus and help with clean-up efforts. We will develop an organized clean-up plan and let you know if you can bring anything.

I have received numerous messages of support from within the Houston school community and beyond, and I am overcome by the kindness shown to us. For example, a person I know whose house flooded heard the teachers were returning today and brought goodies for them. I was overwhelmed.

I am confident that our learning and worshiping community will overcome this adversity with the help of our parents, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends and make our school better than ever. Although we seem to be moving with baby steps right now, we are gathering steam and are already well on the road to our goal.

God bless you all.

Michael Cusack