Confirmation Classes Begin Sunday May 20

The Rite of Confirmation is the means by which a baptized Christian receives additional grace from God the Holy Spirit to make and fulfill a mature commitment to accept Jesus Christ as his or her Savior and Lord. From the time of its origin in the Acts of the Apostles (8:14-17) until today, countless men and women of all ages have received the “Laying on of Hands” by a bishop and, with the prayers and support of their community, accepted the joyful responsibility of becoming a disciple of Christ.


In preparation for Bishop Doyle’s visit to St. Thomas’ on June 17, Fr. Martin and I will hold two Confirmation classes for those who wish to become Confirmed, or for those who wish to be Received from another ecclesiastical jurisdiction, or for those who wish to Renew their Vows. These classes will take place from 4:00—6:00 PM on Sunday, May 20 and on Sunday, June 3.

All children and youth currently in the 6th grade or above are welcome to attend these classes and to be Confirmed at the 10:30 AM service on Sunday, June 17. As is our custom from previous years, adults are also welcome. To reserve your place in this class, or for answers to any questions, please fill out the attached form and send it to my Administrative Assistant, Sharon Lambert ( or 713-559-1632).CONFIRMATION REGISTRATION

by Fr. Chris Bowhay