Senior Saints

Senior Saints 2013 group cropped jpg“Senior Saints” is a group formed by and for seniors, and since the Lord tells us that we are His saints, so be it – Senior Saints!

Through the monthly after-church luncheon gatherings of this senior group, we now have a great opportunity for folks with the voice of experience to join together in fun activities, fellowship, and opportunities for learning through invited guest speakers.

Senior Saints’ luncheons are held in area restaurants which offer economical, good fare. Frequently, the St. Thomas ’ bus provides transportation for the group, who meet in the Ingram Room following the 10:30 church service on the designated luncheon Sunday. The luncheons are held in a private dining room of the restaurant for ease of listening to the guest speaker.

Senior-SaintsIf you are interested in participating in the after-church luncheons of the Senior Saints, please contact the church office at 713-666-3111, as reservations are required by the restaurants. Guests, young or old, are welcome to join us for lunch. While unexpected “drop-ins” are certainly welcome, we try to accommodate the restaurants who set up for us in advance of our arrival. Any seniors 50 and over are heartily invited and welcome to join the informal group of Senior Saints.