From CCSC: A Designer Suit

suitAs part of our on-going series about the work of the Christian Community Service Center (CCSC), we present this story of one volunteer’s experience at CCSC. These stories, written by CCSC volunteers and those they serve, show how CCSC represents our church in serving Houston’s needy on a daily basis. Interested in helping CCSC?  Email Adam Ellwanger for more information.

A Designer Suit

Pat Durrett

Working the window at Emergency Services, greeting and signing in clients, can be interesting at times. Most clients are pleasant and so appreciative of any help we are able to give them. I remember one man in particular. He had lost his job and needed food and clothes to wear to an interview. After signing in, being interviewed, selecting clothes and receiving his food, he took his things to his car.

He then came back in the front door to the window. He thanked me over and over for the help we had all given him. He had found a designer suit that fit him, along with a shirt and a nice tie. He was just so grateful and wanted us all to know that we had made him feel good about himself. I told him it had been our pleasure to be able to help. He then said, “May God bless you for all you do.”