Easter and Coronavirus

Conronavirus Easter

This period of time has been as different and surreal as any this country has ever witnessed. Those who remember the Depression and World War II perhaps can say that they have seen something like this but, certainly, those of us in subsequent generations cannot. In many ways, given its frightening and unusual nature, it could not have happened at a better time of the year. Easter is coming this Sunday. Easter — a needed word from God about Jesus Christ’s triumph over sin and death and His rising to new life; it is a word for us right now.

In normal times, Easter can seem like it is simply another marker of the season. A time for worship and praise, certainly, but also a cultural occurrence — a disembodied idea. Now, in the time of coronavirus, it is a lifeline from God. It is real, concrete news of a God who forgives our sin — wipes away any obstacle we have in our relationship with Him — and gives us eternal life with Him gratis — for free — out of His sheer mercy and grace towards us. Do you know how much you are loved by God? Has the enormity and profundity of that love sunk into your bones yet? I hope that it will this Easter as we hear the news of the Risen Christ once again — but with new ears.

It is going to be OK. If we die next week, in 40 years, or in 70 years, it’s going to be OK. I don’t say this with blasé, naïve, cavalier optimism. I say this because of the news of the concrete actions of Jesus of Nazareth over 2,000 years ago. God intervened in history for you and for me and He did so decisively. You are in the hands of a loving Father who gave His all for you. This life is just the beginning of eternity with Him. We have much to look forward to and we abound in hope.

Abound in hope this week, beloved, and always in Christ our Lord who died and was risen for us. Happy Easter!

–David Browder, Easter 2020