Enjoy the Wine Pull at our 60th Anniversary Party!

wine-pull-01For the last couple of months, a number of parishioners and school parents have been donating and gathering bottles of their favorite fine wines for the Wine Pull at the Denim & Diamonds 60th Anniversary Party on Saturday Evening, April 26th (some tickets are still available and may be purchased online).

What is a wine pull? One of the organizers describes it like this: “Pay $35, pull a bottle, drink the bottle and repeat as many times as you can!” Well, you actually take the bottle home for responsible enjoyment later, but that’s the general idea. You’ll get an interesting bottle of around the value of your donation (and some of greater value), and all of your donation goes to the St. Thomas’ Episcopal School Scholarship Fund.

wine-pull-02A number of folks have hosted events to collect bottles of wine from friends and colleagues (and to enjoy some fun and fellowship at the same time). Patsy and Bob Finch headed the Wine Pull committee with help from Mary Dodd Dubbert and Parry Lauzon. In addition to events in the homes of the Halseys, the Andersons and the Herrschers, Rob Scholl hosted a wine tasting at French Country Wines in the Village. The wines in the pull come from interesting and uniques vineyards from most of the world’s great wine growing regions.

So, while you are enjoying the Denim & Diamonds party, be sure to pick a bottle (or two) from our Wine Pull!