Galatians: Bible Study for Teens Begins Sunday, 1/5

Galatians-TeenMany years ago a young monk struggled with a terrible problem. Having been a law student before his conversion to Christianity, he was deeply aware of his own guiltiness before God and of his utter inability either to undo the sins he had already committed, or to make himself behave as he knew he ought to do to earn God’s approval. And his awareness of the holiness of God versus his own sinfulness drove him to utter despair! Yet one day, this humble monk had an epiphany when suddenly the words in scripture shouted out to him, “The just shall live by faith”. This was the beginning of a great transformation in his life, and a great moment in the history of the Christian church. The young monk was Martin Luther.

For ten weeks, beginning January 5th at 9:00 am, our Teen Class will be studying one of the books that most influenced the young monk, and which helped shape not only his character, but also the heart and soul of the Protestant Reformation. It is Paul’s letter to the Galatians and it is absolutely packed with answers to important questions like “what is true freedom?”, “what is the difference between freedom and liberty?”, “where is the balance between being ‘religious’ and being a Christian, between religious ritual and a life of faith in Christ?”. If you are a teen, we invite you to join us as we tackle these and many similar fun, challenging and interesting questions! Who knows? What you learn about Christ and about yourself in this class might even produce a reformation in your own life as great as that which affected Martin Luther!