From CCSC: God’s Touch

sunshine resale shopAs part of our on-going series about the work of the Christian Community Service Center (CCSC), we present this story of one volunteer’s experience at CCSC. These stories, written by CCSC volunteers and those they serve, show how CCSC represents our church in serving Houston’s needy on a daily basis. Interested in helping CCSC?  Email Adam Ellwanger for more information.

God’s Touch

Teresa Hagstrom

Before I came to CCSC I had been praying for a clear direction in God’s plan for my life. My kids were growing up and I had time to give back.  I had volunteered at a number of places through the years and none of them seemed “right.”

In our Sunday church bulletin I saw a notice that CCSC needed volunteers.  I responded to this ad and began volunteering at CCSC in the Sunshine Resale Shop.  After two years at the Sunshine Resale Shop, I think God has given me a message. CCSC is where He’s directing me.  I look forward to going to the shop every week.  I enjoy seeing the ways we are able to help people while providing an income for other CCSC services.  My fellow volunteers are like family.  We share meals, stories, happy times and sad times.  I have been able to assist our customers, practice my Spanish, and make a difference.

A story that touched me most happened on a day I was working in the donation receiving area at the resale shop.  I was unpacking some men’s clothes that were an unusually large size. It is uncommon to get men’s clothing in such a large size.  A few hours later I received a call from Emergency Services.  They had a client there in a hospital gown who needed some clothes and he was a very large man.  I was excited to tell the volunteer that we had just unpacked several pants and shirts in a very large size. There was God’s touch in that man’s life and it reminded me that He is always with us. That event made my day. Events like that remind me what CCSC is all about! I hope to spend many more years at the resale shop and continue doing God’s work.