Help the Jantzen Family

house fireAs many of you may already know, the Jantzen family, a school family, has tragically lost their home and everything in it in a fire this past Friday night.  Essentially, the flames were confined to the attic, yet the ceiling eventually collapsed throughout, and although many personal articles are still structurally intact, they are all heavily smoke and water damaged. Thankfully, they were able to grab their computers and a few other valuable items. The house itself is confirmed totaled and will have to be scrapped and rebuilt.

Since the school is one of our biggest missions, this is a great opportunity to reach out and serve one of our families at such a bleak time in their lives. 

The following is a list of donations and services that would be helpful to them at this time.  If you are able to help with any of these, please contact Kari Browder at  If you would like to contribute gift cards or monetary donations, you can take them to the business office and they will take care of that for you. 

Thank you for considering any assistance you may be able to give. 

1. Advice, recommendations, information from personal experience on dealing with the process of insurance, remediation, securing the disaster site for inventory and estimation process, temporarily relocating, and anything else that falls under the administrative/logistical process associated with disaster. Melanie Wilson will help Alex set up a FaceBook page through which he can communicate with anyone who can help on these issues. We’ll send that link as soon as it’s up and running.

2. Volunteers to assist with inventory of personal articles. For insurance claim purposes, every article they own needs to be photographed in its damaged condition and listed.  Alex will set up times and kindly request any hands to assist in this process at the house. That information too should be posted soon on the Facebook page.

3. Possibly, a temporary home for their chickens that Sophia inherited from her first grade hatching project. There are four, and they produce enough eggs for a family of three. They need a shade tree and a couple of visits a day and have turned out to be terrific pets.  The Jantzens might be able to take them to their temporary housing, but will not know for sure until that gets set up.

4. In terms of material assistance, the best thing they can use is gift cards to places like Whole Foods or restaurants in the Sugar Land area (so they can pick up prepared food quickly), Target or Walmart, supermarkets, or general shopping (Visa/AmEx cards). They have been generously provided with uniforms for Sophia, along with backpack and lunchbox, and are already sufficiently replacing their daily wardrobes for the time being.

5. Prayers, of course. They are most appreciative for prayers for their patience and confidence in trusting the Lord to direct their path and provide for their needs day by day.

6. Final plea, directly from Alex: Please get your air conditioning checked. This week! Have them confirm that it is actually working correctly. Check the motor amperage, etc.   If you don’t have it yet please get a smoke/fire detector installed over your air conditioner in the attic. Your alarm company can do it in a few minutes.