Holy Spirit, Don’t Leave Me for a Minute…

by Mathew Fenlon

This Sunday we will begin a series during Adult Education on the Holy Ghost.

This past summer one of the songs that made me crack-up the most, yet still was catchy and made me keep listening was “Holy Spirit, don’t leave me for a minute.” Performed by Limousine, in 1976. #SwedishGospelFunk

I started listening to it when it was featured at this year’s Mockingbird Conference in NYC as part of a presentation by John Zahl: I just couldn’t stop listening once I started.

Like this song about the Spirit, the Holy Spirit is one who–once he has touched your life–catches you: you will never be the same; you can’t stop listening.

In our class, we will look at a variety of ideas concerning the Third Person of the Trinity, including how He has worked throughout history, the gifts he gives to God’s people, and the greatest of all gifts: the Freedom which is found in Him.