Hurricane Update 8/31

Dear STE Community,

Our teamCampus was again busy today as faculty continued the job of sorting through their classroom items. Our faculty and administration are working on curriculum planning for when our students return to school and have identified what resources we can save and what we still need.

This afternoon, representatives from school administration, our school board, and our church vestry met to refine our plan for reopening the school. We believe we have identified a viable start date and are nearly finished resolving some minor facility issues. What we know for sure is that we are not considering online courses as part of the curriculum to compensate for our shift in classrooms. The return to school start date we are considering will be in line with the timing of HISD’s first day of school.

We continue to be awed by how our community both within and outside Houston have come together to get us through this time of adversity. We still plan to have a campus cleanup day and will have a date for you soon.

We also give thanks for the generosity of individuals who have contributed toward the restoration of our campus. So far we have received 158 donations through totaling over $84,000. To those who have passed along our donation site to family and friends: thank you.

We invite all families from our school, church, and local community to join us at the church this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. for a service held outside the main church doors. We will give thanks to God for deliverance from the floods and praise Him for the many people who have given and are giving so much of themselves in heroic acts of service.

May God bless you all.

Michael F. Cusack, Jr.
(The Rev’d) David O. Browder