In a Time of Change: Don’t Fear the Future

As things change in our culture and society, we have an almost irresistible temptation to feel a lot of fear. This is, indeed, very common. Plato — in the 5th Century B.C.! — worried about changing culture; so feeling this way is not a new thing.

As we consider our culture and society, we should think about where it might be going and then consider our Christian witness in the midst of it. At the heart of the Christian witness is the lack of fear: we already know that Christ wins and we know that the old will pass away.

Sometimes we Christians make culture and its power structures the ultimate values. Then, when those things pass away and change, so does hope. But: our hope is not in power structures or culture. It never has been. Christians for millennia have been in and out of favor with their cultures — and they have thrived. The new creation will triumph. The Kingdom of God will triumph and we, as Christians, will triumph with it.

We need to bear witness. How do we do that in this day and age? This video of a conversation between faithful Christian leaders, Russell Moore and Tim Keller, gives us some powerful and insightful ideas.