It Happened Again…

David BrowderWell, it happened again. I couldn’t believe my eyes as a second major flood hit our area. My mind flashed back to all of the wonderful people in our church and school whose lives were turned upside-down last Memorial Day and my heart sank as I pondered it happening to them a second time.

There are three things I think we need to remember:
1. Pray for our neighbors who are affected. We spend a lot of time trying to attain and maintain control of things in our lives. We sometimes achieve an illusion of control but it always proves to be just that–an illusion. God created everything atom-by-atom and molecule-by-molecule. It is His creation and He has utter dominion over it. We should humble ourselves to ask for His help, guidance, and comfort. We know His heart. His heart for His creation is a love that is strong enough to die. We can ask Him anything.
2. Remember that God is present in suffering and has dominion over it, too. We are not dualists, meaning we do not believe good and evil are equal forces in this world. God is sovereign over all and He is good. So many times we suffer and so many times we feel like God has withdrawn His presence or worse: we believe He is punishing us. This is simply not true. Jesus Christ took all the punishment for our sin on Himself. That means, whatever is happening, you are not being punished. Did you hear that? I can’t tell you the purpose of your pain but I can tell you it is not punishment. He is also profoundly present with you in this time. Do not give into the temptation to think otherwise.
3. Help your neighbor. Martin Luther once wrote, “God doesn’t need your good works but your neighbor does.” This could not be more insightful and correct. Spend the time to comfort, pray with, work with, and generally help your neighbors. They are feeling overwhelmed and alone. They might have children and demanding jobs to go along with the damage done to their home. Nothing is more encouraging and comforting than a friendly face and a compassionate ear.

If any of you need help or would like to speak with Mr. Fenlon or myself about what you are going through, please do call us at the church office. You can be a church member or a school family or just someone from the community. We as a church are here as ambassadors for Christ… please do let us walk with you through this.

May God richly bless you,
In His Grace,