Kenyan Mission Trip Report

by Michelle Graves

Six months ago I searched on Google Maps for “Rafiki Foundation Kenya,” after reading about a Christian orphanage and classical school there. You can see on the map the sharp turn in the road there and a photo of the solid steel gate topped with silhouettes of grownups reaching down to hold hands with rejoicing children.

At least four times since the village was founded in the mid-2000s, a driver has misjudged that bend in the Kasarani Road and slammed his vehicle through the stone wall and gate. A choice speed bump now helps keep the perimeter intact.

Inside the walls of that village God is showing His mercy and love to young people through dedicated missionaries, national workers, and teachers. For a month this summer David, Nathan, and I got to help in the work. We taught children, trained teachers, entered data, and shelved books. On different occasions, we each were asked to “preach,” meaning to lead devotions from the Bible for a cottage of children or dorm full of teens.

Beforehand we didn’t know exactly what we would be asked to do, but the Lord was way ahead, making his paths straight. Experiences from our lives often made us ready with something to share or a way to help. Other times we weren’t ready at all, just trusting. David tells some great stories of our unexpected adventures at

We are grateful for your support and love for our family. Please pray that Jesus would continue to be a bulwark around our brothers and sisters at Rafiki Village Kenya.