Vacation Bible School

  • For a week in July, 110 kids joined with adult volunteers at St Thomas' VBS for activities, crafts and singing centered around the theme of the Living Waters of Jesus.
  • 32 teachers and 26 youth volunteers worked with children from 2 years old through 6th grade.
  • A long-time VBS teacher loves seeing her former VBS students return as teachers themselves: "It is so awesome," she says.
  • Two VBS students show off the bracelets they made of color-changing beads threaded on a leather thong. The beads illustrate how God changes the heart.
  • Another VBS teacher says: “what keeps me returning year after year is the wonderful group of volunteers.”
  • A kindergartner weaves a cross. Every Bible story at VBS, whether from the Old Testament or the New, points to the cross of Christ.
  • Two girls show their boats made of corks, toothpicks, and string. Popular decorations for the sails were hearts, crosses, and skull-n-crossbones.
  • Fourth graders made folded paper birds, a reminder of how God cares for the needs of all his creatures.
  • Children made snow globes out of baby food jars, water, corn syrup and glitter, with a shiny bird inside.
  • Friends and their bracelets: excitement mounted as the beads, dull white indoors, revealed their true colors under God's Light.
  • Fourth grade boys play energetically with their boats, which some turned into flying boats, pirate ships, and triremes..
  • Some preschoolers wanted to climb into the water with their boats.
  • A two-year old shows her teacher how to twirl her skirt.
  • A found pebble reminds a two-year old about how God sent water from a rock for his people. See you next year!
Vacation Bible School happens every year in the summer, with classes and events for children up to grade 6. Older children join our staff of dedicated volunteers in helping children from our parish and community spend a fun and meaningful week. It concludes with a Friday night Ice Cream Social. VBS 2018 Information