“Mere Christianity” Study by Alan Park beginning Feb. 10, 2013

mere-christianity-by-c-s-lewisEngland was facing increasingly grim prospects in the summer of 1941.
Germany was expanding its hold across Europe and there seemed little
hope of keeping the war away from British soil. It was during this time
that C.S. Lewis was contacted by Mr. James Welch of the Religious BBC,
to inquire if he would be willing to give a series of radio lectures on the
subject of Christianity from a layman’s perspective. Lewis agreed to his
request, and so began a series of short radio broadcasts that eventually
became the material for the book Mere Christianity. It is a set of short,
clear essays in “layman’s language” on what it really means to be a
Christian. For its depth, simplicity, and genuine orthodoxy, this book has
also been chosen as our study guide for this year’s Teen Sunday school
After the material was presented as a Hot Topic, many of you requested
more! So we would like to invite you to join us again as we explore this
wonderful book more fully. Beginning Sunday, February 10, and continuing
through the Lenten season, Alan Park will facilitate a much more in-depth
review, including video segments from the “Mere Christianity” Study