Missionary Report

Singing at a Rafiki Village Contest

Hello friends and mission partners at Saint Thomas’.

We’re grateful to God and to you for the very generous support that has allowed us to serve at the Rafiki Village in Uganda.

We’ve been here for a very busy month now and are slowly adapting – but we’ve got a lot left to learn.

All of the country is on lockdown because of Covid with schools and churches closed and transportation restricted. However, we have 75 residents in the village from middle school through high school years for whom we are providing enrichment activities in a series of five-week sessions. We came in the middle of session 2 which culminated last week in a contest between four teams with speeches, dramatic presentations and singing. The winning team won a goat, which they slaughtered and roasted on the grounds (a skill they need when they go back for visits with their extended families).

We’re taking care of finance, security, the teachers’ college, plant maintenance and more – and each teaching an enrichment class this session. Michelle has a group working on a play and I’m introducing them to journalism.

Since churches are closed, the students organize a village worship service each Sunday with traditional and contemporary hymns, scripture readings, prayer and a dynamic sermon preached by two of our faculty on alternating Sundays.

We ask that you continue to pray for us, particularly that Covid will ease here, that the country will be able to get doses of a vaccine, and that schools and churches are allowed to reopen as soon as possible.

–From Kampala, Uganda

— David and Michelle Graves