Are You Ready For Emergencies?

Be ReadyAre you ready for hurricane season? Are you prepared for other emergencies? If you have lived in the Houston area for any length of time, more than likely you are somewhat familiar with how to prepare for hurricanes, floods, or other emergencies. If not, please take time to think about what you and your family need to do before, during, and after an emergency. If you already have a plan, are you aware that the suggested number of days that your household be prepared for in case of emergencies has been extended from a minimum of three days to a minimum of seven days? That means that your household’s supplies of food, water, batteries, prescriptions, etc needs to be more than doubled!


The following links can assist with building a plan and checklists of items that will help prepare you and your family for a disaster:

It is also critical for residents to follow weather reports and be prepared for changing weather conditions:

In short you need to:

Be Informed

Make a Plan

Build a Kit

Get Involved!