New Adult Education Series

This September, we will begin a new format for adult Christian education. It will consist of 4 – 6 week sessions on topics that are relevant and (we hope!) will be transformative in the lives of the St. Thomas’ Community. In between series, we will offer occasional Hot Topics classes.

We will bring in knowledgable people from within St. Thomas’ and the surrounding community to teach our classes. We begin September 9th with a 6-week series taught by the Rev. Chad Martin, Surprised by Hope (see accompanying article for details), followed by a 4-week parenting series whose teachers will include Michelle Schonbeck, the Director of the Christian Community Service Center (CCSC), Dr. Adam Ellwanger from the University of Houston, a parishioner of St. Thomas’, and Carolyn Martin, a licensed counselor and therapist.

The classes will take place either in the theater or the library from 9:30 – 10:15 a.m. and are open to adults of all ages. No prior knowledge or reading is required. The purchase of books or supplemental materials is strictly optional.

For more information, please contact Chad Martin at (713) 559-1637 or