Our New Sunday School Program

SundaySchoolYou have been hearing from me about the new Children’s Education program for a while now. The time is upon us! This coming Sunday, September 20, we will begin Sunday School at 9:15 and Children’s Church/Catechesis at 10:30.

One of the greatest charges we have as the Church is raising the next generation, our children, in the Christian Faith: teaching them the Scriptures and the Faith Once Delivered to the Saints. This is radically different from what they are learning from society, the culture, or however you want to put it. You might even use the Biblical terminology and call it “the world” because that is what it is.

The Christian Faith, which is the story of God pouring Himself out on a cross and being raised from the dead, is the story of a God who empties Himself in love. The way of the world is to put oneself before all things. The Summary of the Law that we read every time we have Holy Communion is summed up in “Love God and neighbor as yourself”. The law of the world is to place all things is service to oneself. One is the way of human flourishing. The other is a profoundly stunting dead-end.

What is the greatest gift we can give our children and grandchildren? It is not something they can hold in their hand or watch appreciate in a portfolio. It is not a great trip or a pony. It is not even teaching them manners and a good work ethic (as good as those gifts might be!). It is to show them the way of human flourishing. It is introducing them to Jesus Christ crucified and risen. It is fostering and encouraging a response of faith to His promises to each and every one of our children.

Take a look at your child right now. Your child is an heir of the Promise: an heir to a King, just as you are. What a blessed inheritance that is! It is an inheritance that will feed, encourage, and satiate them all the days of their life. It is an inheritance that will comfort and relieve them in times of great hardship, sorrow, and trouble. It is an inheritance that will set their lives upon the solid foundation of hope.

Our charge is raising our children in the Faith–forming them in the eternal promises. What a joy it will be to do so with such a Faith as this!

(The Rev’d) David O. Browder