Our Past and Future

Our past and future

By David Browder

Most of you probably do not know that Saint Thomas’ founding rector wrote in the 1950s and 1960s, during his tenure here, in favor of segregation. I knew about this, and assumed everyone else did, too. We have spent many years distancing ourselves from those writings and those ideas. But I think what we are finding, particularly in this moment in our society, is that, while we have come a long way in terms of racial reconciliation, we still have a long way to go.

It is not enough simply not to be racists ourselves, but we must publicly repudiate racism as completely at odds with the Gospel; there can be no compromise with that. And, we must come alongside our brothers and sisters who have been hurt by racism and work for change.

The Bible is replete with examples of working for and helping hurting people, and that is something that we must do as well. We must look within ourselves and within our institutions for those sins that we do not see — there is always something that we do not see — and confess and seek absolution, and move forward.

Doing this will not change the essence of who we are; we are an orthodox Christian church, with orthodox Christian beliefs: that will not change. One of our missions is our school, a classical Christian school with a particular mission: that mission will not change.

We share our culture with so many people, who have so many different experiences; there are ways in which we can incorporate and learn from them and celebrate and mourn with them. We will look for the best ways to do that.

The steps we are taking are outlined in our letters, and I hope you will support and help us in this effort, as we work to become more and more Christ-like.