Our Outreach to the community: CCSC

This year, the Christian Community Service Center (CCSC) is the focus of our mission work at St. Thomas’. Representing over 40 local churches, CCSC is in the midst of a campaign to fund new buildings to replace their current facilities which were destroyed in the floods. Over the coming weeks and months, the Orders of Worship and the Epistle will feature stories about CCSC. These stories, written by CCSC volunteers and those they serve, show how CCSC represents our church in serving Houston’s needy on a daily basis. Interested in helping CCSC?  Email Adam Ellwanger for more information.

Sparkling Eyes

by Blair Parker

One day, as I was making one of my usual rounds at Emergency Services (ES), I happened to walk by the area we call the ‘Free Table.’ There, a small girl approximately five years old was sitting in a chair watching her two younger siblings.  Usually, children here at ES come dressed in a top, bottom and shoes.  The two younger children were barefoot and wore only a t-shirt.  The little girl was wearing a top, shorts and sandals.  She had beautiful, large brown eyes, which matched her beautiful face and long brown hair. She sat very still.

As I passed by, she looked up at me and said loudly and with a smile “Guess what! I get to have food today and I am also going to get some clothes!” Her eyes were sparkling.  She was so excited, waiting, as her mother was given the bags of food and chose clothing for her to wear.  She never asked for anything else, but was so grateful for that which would nourish her and cover her body.

I have rarely been so touched by an experience at ES as I was this day by a beautiful young girl whose heart was rejoicing because of basic necessities being fulfilled.  She didn’t know how many donors and volunteers made it possible for those necessities to be at CCSC for her. She didn’t need to know – she understood the magnitude of the gift.