Parents, Small Children & Church: Relax!

To Parents of Our Children:

children in churchRelax! We are so happy that you and your children are here at St. Thomas’!

Children’s wiggling and restlessness are essential parts of who they are as they grow up. Please do not feel that you have to suppress them!

If you sit closer to the front, your children will be able to hear and see better. Take the time to quietly explain to them the parts of the service they are witnessing. There are vivid colors, vestments, stained glass and carvings on the pulpit; there are songs, chants, anthems and many other interesting things for young eyes to see and young ears to hear. We teach the service to our children in our Children’s Church, but they learn best by watching you and understanding that you believe that what is going on is important.

If you feel you must leave the service for a time, feel free to do so–but please come back! We will miss you and we want you to be with us in worship. Jesus says in Matthew 19:14, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” The way we welcome children into the church will have a direct effect on how they will hear the Gospel. Please let them know they—and you–are always at home in the House of God.

To our parishioners:

A knowing smile or word of encouragement is always welcome to a family in church with young children. Their parents are often worried that they are being a distraction, and that sometimes keeps parents from entering into worship. Our welcome and understanding remind parents and children that they are gifts from God and that they give us at St. Thomas’ a future full of hope.