Prime Timers Gather for Sup(p)er Bowl

Supper-Bowl-2Although no one will remember this year’s Superbowl as one of the best or most exciting on record, the Prime Timers of Saint Thomas’ declared their “Supperbowl” — the name they have given the Superbowl Sunday instance of their monthly dinners — a success.

The hosts, Kirsten and Roger Herrscher, supplied a main course and the location,  while everyone else did all the rest! The food was abundant and delicious. From Mary Gryska’s petite potato skins to Jim Dubbert’s scrumptious skewered shrimp and Victoria Crutcher’s deviled eggs, a crowd of football-watchers munched on many fabulous game food items.

Supper-BowlDuring halftime a quick devotional, using football as its theme, discussed the need to always be ready. You should always be ready to answer a question such as why you go to church. You never know when God will call on you to do something.

A brief conversation followed about being nice to that co-worker who always makes you angry,  and about trying to forgive that friend who betrayed you a while back. God is often giving us opportunities to step up, so be ready!

Although some die-hards cheered the game on, most spent the second half socializing and having fun.

The Prime Timers, a group for empty-nesters and near empty-nesters (if your kids are old enough to drive, you are a Prime Timer), meet once a month for fellowship, food and fun. The host supplies an entrée and everyone else brings a side and favorite beverage.  If you would like more information about this adult ministry or would like to join our next dinner, please contact Kirsten Herrscher.