Adult Bible Study Series, “Read, Mark, Learn, and Inwardly Digest…”

Join us in the theater from 9:30 – 10:15 on the following Sundays:

Jan. 13: Reading the Bible as literature
Jan. 20: Liturgical and personal readings
Jan. 27: Lectio divina or reading and prayer
Feb. 3: Reading the Psalms

Every day the written word confronts us in a multitude of ways: news articles, advertisements, notices, emails, and texts demand our attention and oftentimes our action. We are accustomed to this kind of reading and our lives are fitted to it. But we have largely lost the art of meditative reading–reading that changes us. So when it comes to reading God’s Word as it is revealed in Scripture, we are often at a loss. Some of us join Bible study groups or buy study guides to help us read the Bible in a way that feels profitable or helpful. But when every personal encounter with the Bible is framed in the context of “study,” we imply that the Bible is a book that always requires special knowledge and can be “mastered.” However, for centuries the Church has viewed Scripture-reading as meditative and transformative. Have you ever wondered how a person could sit down, open the Bible, and read in such a way that he is transformed by a personal encounter with the Word Himself? Join us for a series of classes in which we’ll talk about and practice ways of reading the Bible that will help you read, meditate, and be changed.

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