Recovery Update: Looking to the Future

Dear Parishioners and School Parents,

It has been an amazing three weeks since Hurricane Harvey hit our shores and our campus. After long hours and many days, the church and school leadership and staff were able to bring the church and school back online. We were amazed to see the talent and dedication of the people at Saint Thomas’ at work. You can be proud you belong to a community such as this. Only three weeks later, our church now worships and our children, young men, and young women are back in school.

Although the top priority was getting our parishioners and students back on campus, the church and school leadership have kept an eye toward the future. We are excited about the possibilities here. We are thinking boldly of many options for the campus that will make the church and school even better than before. You may be well-assured that some very talented people are working on these options.

We have stabilized and thrived after one of the worst hurricanes to ever hit the Texas coast landed on us. Now stay tuned for some exciting plans for the future as we roll them out in the coming days.

Michael F. Cusack, Jr.

(The Rev’d) David O. Browder