Sharing My Excitement

Guest Column by Eileen Spisak, Parish Administrator

I’m really excited about the wonderful things happening here at St. Thomas’ as we continue work to recover from the floods of Hurricane Harvey, and I want to share my excitement with all of you, and tell you about some of what’s going on — some things you may have heard about, others maybe not.

Youth Ministry

In September, Geoff Simpson, our associate rector and school chaplain, hosted two gatherings at his house – one for our middle school youth and one for our high school youth. Both were well attended, and the kids are helping to decide the course of the events to come.

Earlier this month, we had a training session for new youth servers. Be on the lookout for new acolytes, torch bearers, oblation and lamp bearers in the coming weeks. If you have children that are interested in either of the youth groups or the ministry, please encourage them to come. My two sons served as acolytes – reluctantly at first, but truly enjoying their service as they got older and grateful that their dad and I pushed them in that direction. You can call me (713-666-3111) or email me any time for more information.

Wednesday Bible Study and Videos

I’d not attended the weekday Bible Study in the past, but started this year when I heard our rector, David Browder, was going to teach on the books of Ezra and Nehemiah. I had no clue about these books until I read in the Epistle that it was about the rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon, and I thought how appropriate this was to St. Thomas’ and our reconstruction after the flooding we suffered from Hurricane Harvey.

It is a wonderful study; David is a great teacher and I’ve learned so much in these first few weeks. Most weeks after the Bible Class, David records a short video, a synopsis of what was covered in the class. There is a link in your Epistle to the current video, and you can see all the videos on our website or YouTube channel. If you’re unable to attend the class, please take the time to watch the video.

Adult Sunday School Class

I can’t wait! Kari and David Browder are starting a class on October 28 about the trip to the Holy Land which they took last Fall. I’ve not been to the Holy Land myself and am looking forward to hearing about what they learned.

Prime Timers

Our October gathering had the best attendance yet! If you’ve not attended, you should come sometime. Prime Timers is our adult fellowship group, and we have casual dinners every month or so hosted by someone in the group. It’s just a fun evening of fellowship with friends old and new – no strings attached.

New Members

children in church

We’ve welcomed several new families this year. If you see a new face on Sunday, please go up and say hello! I’m always truly thrilled when we have new members join our church; this is a testament to the good things we’re doing here.

Healing and Prayer Ministries

We held a healing service for the first time after the 10:30 service last Sunday and it was very well attended. The members of our Prayer Ministry team prayed for those who were in need and David Browder performed Holy Unction. We’ll offer this service monthly on second Sundays right after 10:30 Morning Prayer.

Our Prayer Ministry members will also offer prayer in private several Sundays a month during Communion at the 10:30 service for those who desire prayer.

I’ve been a member of St. Thomas’ since 1960, so I’ve been here for the good times and the not-so-good times. I’m absolutely thrilled at the renaissance that I see happening here. I feel that we’re on the verge of so many good things – the best is yet to come!