St. Thomas’ Summer Schedule

The Belltower at St. Thomas;Now that school is out, summer has begun for many of our families, and so our church summer schedule has begun as well. As people leave for much-anticipated vacations, our Fall, Winter, and Spring programs pull back a bit in order to rest. This does not mean Word and Sacrament cease, however! Far from it! We are the church all year ’round until the Lord comes back! There will be some changes to our schedule of activities this summer, though:

  • Choir: After Trinity Sunday, June 11, the choir will go into recess for the summer. We will have soloists, periodically, to sing anthems but the bulk of the singing will be congregational. This is not an unusual thing for churches to do during the summer. It saves financial resources (especially during an economic downturn) and gives the members of the choir a rest.
  • Sunday School: There will be no Adult or Children’s Sunday School during the summer. We will begin again when school starts back up.
  • Children’s Church and Catechesis: We will continue Children’s Church and Catechesis through the Summer.
  • Youth Group: Youth Group is recessed until the beginning of school.
    Wednesday Holy Communion and Bible Study: Please do come on Wednesdays for Holy Communion and Bible Study. Except on days the rector is absent (May 31, June 7, June 28), we will continue this. We are presently studying the Gospel of Mark.
  • Evening Prayer: We will not have Wednesday Evening Prayer although we will continue Sunday Evening Prayer.