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Beloved: Our Youth Group and the Song of Solomon

sea of galilee

…my brain thought: “I’ve got no clue how to teach Song of Solomon to a group of kids who are either (a) full of raging hormones or (b) completely repulsed at the concept of love and romance.” And I wasn’t necessarily reassured with the information I found on the internet. And, yes, I checked, and Tim Keller hasn’t written anything about Song of Solomon that I could find. If you’ve never read this book before (as I had not), Song of Solomon or Song of Songs is a short song or poem about “a dude and girl getting together” (to quote one of our kids). While certainly true, the book is about much more, for at its core the writer talks about true love in which the bride and the bridegroom become one and are willing to sacrifice for one another.

From Low to High: Youth Group Retreat

a personal reflection from Rob Scholl Could we possibly have as good a time as last year? That’s the thought that ran through my mind as I boarded the bus for a 6 day trip (August 4-9) with 13 kids from our youth group and 2 other adult chaperones (including the rector) to Camp Eagle in…

Youth Group

Youth from 7th grade and up are invited to join our Youth Group, meeting weekly on Sundays from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.  Led by David and Kari Browder.  Join us in the Murray Center for Pizza, Jesus, and Fun as we begin our journey together!

Youth Confirmation Class

Our Youth Confirmation Class begins at 1:00 pm, April 19th. Adults wishing to be confirmed are asked to attend St. Thomas’ 101, beginning at 9:30 am, also on April 19th. At St. Thomas’, the youth in sixth grade (or older), are candidates for confirmation. As God leads, we invite you to sign up your children for Confirmation.…

Changes and A Vision for Our Children and Youth

Grace and peace from Our Lord Jesus Christ! School has begun for most, if not all, of our children and youth and autumn is on the near horizon. We at St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church have shifted into autumn mode and find ourselves quite excited about what the year will bring. As you have probably heard,…

Youth Confirmation Classes Begin 2/2

Confirmation class for youth will be held every Sunday for six weeks at 1:00 pm, beginning Sunday, February 2nd. The class will meet in the Theater. A registration form may be downloaded in pdf version from this link:  [download-attachment attachment_id=”4393″] For more information, please contact Sharon Lambert in the church office at (713) 559-1632 or by…