The “Grapery” Demolished

grapery-demolition-3-22-2014One of St. Thomas’ original structures is no more: the house at the corner of Grape and Indigo, known as “The Grapery”, was demolished over the weekend of March 21st.

When St. Thomas’ moved to its current location in 1954, the Grapery was a new house. The parishioners pitched a large army-surplus tent as the first “church” on the property. Children attended Sunday School classes in the Grapery, escorted by ushers with umbrellas when it rained.

For a time, it served as the Rectory, housing T. Robert and Marie Ingram. When they moved to the new Rectory, it served for many years as a home to assisting priests, and, for a time, as housing for some boarding students at the School. (A family of possums once made a home in its attic, until chased away).

The Grapery did not age very well, and was in need of major repairs and updates to its foundation and plumbing, among other things, to make it habitable. After some study, the vestry concluded that making repairs to the existing structure would not be cost-effective, and decided to tear it down.

The vestry is working on developing plans for the best use of the property.