The Historical Books: A 6 Week Exploration

holy-landStarting November 13th, the Adult Sunday School class will begin a 6 week exploration through the historical books of the Bible.

Covering 12 books and roughly 800 years of Israel’s history, we will begin with the fulfillment of God’s promise for the possession of the land, and then delve into the reigns of judges and monarchies, which ultimately led to the fall and exile of the Northern and Southern Kingdoms.  We will study the restoration of the Temple, the rebuilding of Jerusalem, and God’s protection of His people.  While novice historian and Sunday School teacher, Toby Boenig, will lead the class, he will depend on the wisdom and intellect of his classmates to gain a better understanding of these books and how they prepare us for the coming of Christ.

Feel free to send Toby an email with any questions!