Things are Moving!

In my video update above, I am thrilled to report on a number of exciting initiatives, and on the work we have been doing this summer.

Ministry Transformation Team:

This team of parishioners, an outgrowth of the summit we held earlier this year, has been meeting with our consultants from Ministry Architects on a number of initiatives over the last several months. Based on your input, the team has been working on transforming (really restarting) our children’s, youth and family ministries.

The team, with my approval and that of the vestry, has formed a search committee to find and bring to Saint Thomas’ a well-qualified Family Minister to oversee these ministries. Our search committee just attended its orientation meeting this week, and expects to share details as soon as the materials are ready — we anticipate in about two weeks. We aren’t going to hurry the search: the key is to find the right person for Saint Thomas’. We anticipate that the search will take about six months.

To prepare for these new ministries, the vestry, under the leadership of our Junior Warden, John Young, has begun the transformation of the ground floor of the “F” building — our old administrative offices — into Church fellowship space, with a youth room, a children’s worship room, and a fellowship room (or Chill Space). The interior remodel is complete, and we will be furnishing these rooms over the next several months.

Fulfilling the Promise Campaign:

At long, long last, work began in earnest this week on the renovation of the church and the construction of our new academic building! You can see in the video that Tellepsen (our construction contractor) has begun removing the church’s chancel furnishings for refurbishment and safekeeping(the altar, the cross and the communion rails have already been removed). Tellepsen has also begun ground preparation for the new building: they’ll be removing dirt and excavating the space for the underground garage and foundation over the next several weeks.

I am very excited to see visible evidence of all the work our staff and many, many volunteers have been engaged in for the last several years. And our church renovation and new building would not be possible without the incredible support of the many generous donors to our Fulfilling the Promise campaign. If you haven’t yet had an opportunity to contribute, please pledge or donate today.