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Church Renovation Update

The Rev’d David Browder, Rector of Saint Thomas’, provides an update on on-going renovation work in our Church building, discussing the beginning of work on interior finishes, our new 3-tier pulpits, and additions to improve accessibility.

Things are Moving!

In my video update above, I am thrilled to report on a number of exciting initiatives, and on the work we have been doing this summer.

Ministry Transformation Team:

This team of parishioners, an outgrowth of the summit we held earlier this year, has been meeting with our consultants from Ministry Architects on a number of initiatives over the last several months. Based on your input, the team has been working on transforming (really restarting) our children’s, youth and family ministries.

Construction Begins!

We have started construction of our new academic building and renovation of our church! Monday, crews from Tellepsen, our construction partner, put up a sediment fence to keep dirt from going where it shouldn’t — and move dirt, we will!

It has been almost three years since Hurricane Harvey came through and changed all of our lives. So many volunteer and overtime hours have gone into working, planning, gathering feedback, and putting together a master plan for our campus. This past Monday saw these dreams and all of this work start to become reality for us. Thanks to all of those who have helped us plan and do the work necessary.

An Address from the Rector

We are facing something most of us have never faced before. We are prepared for this as Christians, though. We are prepared to hope in Christ and love our neighbors.

In this address to the church, I speak about what this means and how we can do it.

Your staff is praying for you! We love you!