Update from Uganda

Despite primary and secondary schools remaining closed in Uganda until January, we have been incredibly busy.

Teacher’s College Students

Colleges and universities are allowed to reopen for in-person instruction in November, but Michelle discovered a loophole in the regulations that allowed our teachers college students to return to campus this month. Our current cohort had only about two months of work left to graduate, and now will be able to do so before the end of the year. It’s an answer to prayer – and will enable them to get jobs in the new year as schools reopen.

We are almost through with the final step in instituting a degree program at the college by getting our degree plan approved. God willing, that will be accomplished before January, meaning we will be able to grant bachelors degrees as well as certificates and diplomas.

Our primary and elementary faculty have spent the last several weeks preparing alignment documents between our curriculum and the Uganda national curriculum. We are working on a several day review with the National Curriculum Development Council in the next few weeks that we pray will result in our curriculum being officially approved. That will be a huge step, allowing us to make the curriculum available to church schools throughout the country.

In the meantime, our staff has been working to keep our 75 resident students busy with enrichment and academic activities. One of the highlights was a production of A.A. Milne’s play “The Ugly Duckling” which was performed last Friday to a large and very appreciative audience. Michelle directed and had a great time working with the cast – and convincing the romantic leads that they could act like they loved each other, whether they actually did or not.

This week our faculty is going out in the community to meet with small groups of our day students to refresh their academic skills and prepare them for the restart of schools. Some of our resident students are helping with this as well as going out in the local community to read to children who have been stuck at home.

Finally, we just want to thank you all for your very generous support of this mission. Without you we would not be able to be here. We’re privileged to be a very small part of a mission that is making a huge difference in hundreds of lives. The dollars you are donating go much farther here in Africa and are desperately needed.

If you’d like more information about what we’re doing, take a look at https://rafikifoundation.org/missionary/michelle-and-david-graves-252 or go to our blog at davidgraves.blog.

Thanks for your prayers and consider joining us on a short term mission. It will be a life-changing experience.

David and Michelle

Rafiki Foundation Uganda


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