Update: STE and Corona Virus

We plan to hold our regularly scheduled Church services this Sunday, March 15. Instead of Holy Communion, we will have Morning Prayer at both morning services.

Saint Thomas’ School will be closed from today, March 11 through Tuesday, March 24, out of an abundance of caution, after an STE student’s sibling at another school had a possible exposure to the virus. Please read the letter below for more information.

The campus and all buildings will undergo a deep-cleaning and disinfection Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week.

See also David Browder’s note about the Corona virus and this link to information and precautions.

Church and school staff are monitoring the situation closely, and we will let you know as soon as we can of any changes or updates.


Dear STE Community:

Many of you are understandably concerned regarding the potential exposure of our community to COVID-19. We now have additional details to share regarding this situation and the steps STE is taking during the closure.

We have learned that an STE student has a sibling at another school who had a possible exposure to the virus. Due to our obligation to protect the health information of those in our community, we are unable to provide additional details regarding the student.

Please note that no student, faculty member, or staff member at STE has had direct exposure to COVID-19. Our administration made the decision to close our campus a few days ahead of Spring Break as a precautionary measure. 

Duration of Closure
At this time, we plan to resume classes on Wednesday, March 25. Should this date change we will immediately notify our church and school community.

In the event that we must remain closed past March 25, we will implement distance learning for our students. We have been working with our faculty and have a distance learning plan in place should it be necessary. Our administration will provide additional details regarding our plans as needed.

Saint Thomas’ Episcopal Church will worship this Sunday using morning prayer. We will continue to assess the situation and react appropriately regarding church services.

Actions You Can Take
During the closure, we encourage you to follow CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of illness. We also ask that you remain alert to potential symptoms of COVID-19 in your student and other members of your family. These symptoms include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Should someone in your household begin to exhibit these symptoms, please call your doctor to determine next steps.

Healthy Lunch Box will provide refunds for student lunches ordered for the remainder of this week and on the Monday and Tuesday following Spring Break. If you ordered lunches for your student, please call 281-444-8444 to cancel your order and arrange the refund.

Cleaning of Campus
We are in the process of scheduling a deep cleaning and thorough disinfection of the campus. This will be completed during the closure.

COVID-19 Information on STE Website
We have created a COVID-19 section on the STE school website at https://www.stes.org/coronavirus. This page will include all of our parent updates, as well as links to helpful resources. We encourage you to visit it for the complete information regarding our campus closure and the spread of COVID-19 in the Houston area.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this concerning time, and we pray for the continued health of those within our community.

Michael F. Cusack, Jr.

(The Rev’d) David O. Browder