Vestry Nominations

Vestry Nominations 2021

When considering your nominee(s), please keep in mind the following requirements in our by-laws:
• Meet the qualifications for Vestry Service in Title III, Canon 2 of the Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas 1 (Visit–canons)
• Be an active, pledging member of the Parish who supports the Parish with time, talent and treasure, and is regular and diligent in attendance at Divine Workshop and Parish events and gatherings.
• Be willing and able to commit to attendance and active participation in meetings and committee assignments.
• Attend a class offered on roles, responsibilities, and qualifications for vestry service
• Subscribe to the Letter of Mutual Understanding of roles and duties of Saint Thomas’ Rector and Vestry and such revisions as subsequent vestries may make to it. (Available to anyone requesting a copy from our Church Office)

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