The Worship Service

I was not raised going to church on Sundays but I did go to Advent Episcopal Day School as a child and pre-teen.  There, I was exposed to the Episcopal liturgy that would imprint me for the rest of my life. After time in the wilderness, in 2003, I came back to that liturgy and found immense treasure that I had not previously seen when younger. The confession and absolution were so poignant.  The \theology and message were so deep and comforting.  This is the treasure we have in our own 1928 Book of Common Prayer. We don’t do it because we’ve always done it.  We do it because it has within it the proclamation of the Gospel in all of its glory. It carries within it God’s ordinary means of grace: Word and Sacrament.  It is on Word and Sacrament that we base everything we do.

This is a terrific White Horse Inn episode called “The Worship Service”.  Take a listen.  I hope it gives you even greater appreciation for Sundays at St. Thomas’.

–David Browder